Turbocharged for the Enterprise

More than just another instant messenger, Tok-Tok! brings you the complete social networking experience for the Enterprise. Built from the ground up with the Enterprise in mind, Tok-Tok! boasts unique features which will allow your enterprise to reach out to millions, instantly, while at the same time remaining safe, secure and easy to manage.




Receive SMS Prompt if APP Notifications are Not Received 

In an event where there is an absence of data network or when the Wi-Fi signal is lost, one will not be able to receive any notifications. Now, within an hour of not receiving notifications after the message is sent, the recipient will receive an SMS prompt to check Tok-Tok! APP for messages. * SMS charges apply


Registering New Cohorts via Invite PIN Feature 
Log in and invite Students, Parents and Teachers via our Portal. The system will automatically generate an invitation PIN. Once the invite is sent, new members are able to join the invite using the PIN in a simple 2-step process.


Assign Classes via Group Invite PIN Feature 
Invite groups within the School via group Invite PIN. Simply log in to our Portal and select the members you wish to invite. Once the invite is sent, group members are able to join the group invite using the PIN in a simple 2-step process.



Oh, you have groups made up of large number of users? How large you say? Oh yes we know they are groups of more than 50. How about groups of up to 20,000 users?

Tok-Tok! provides you with an easy to use admin tool, so you can easily manage your large number of users without needing to tear out your hair. You can easily organise your users into logical groups, just like the way they are logically organised within your Enterprise.


Auto Update of Enterprise Directory

Make changes to your user groupings - create new groups, delete old groups, or change the membership of each group, and then push your changes to your users' handsets immediately. No other administrative support is required, no need for a help desk.

Everybody in your Enterprise can stay updated all the time!


Messaging with Spam Control

Sure, instant messengers are to facilitate group communication. However we understand that there are times when you just want to get the important messages out, and not have your important message be drowned out by the subsequent chatter.

You can with Tok-Tok! The creator of the message thread can determine if the recipients can reply, or even determine to whom the replies will go. No other platform offers this ability for you to keep the noise out!


Conduct Polls and get results. Instantly!

As a teacher, do you wish to be able to run pop quizzes to check on the progress of the class? As part of a dynamic team, do you want to conduct a democratic poll to arrive at a team decision? Or even as a group of friends, are you unable to come to a consensus on where to go on a Friday evening?

Start a Tok-Tok!Poll with just a few clicks to get on the pulse of things. Results are collated and presented to you as soon the first response is received. Weevenallowforchange of minds so you don't have to lose your hair. Group decision doesn't come any easier!


Cross Platform

Cross Platform? Sure! Tok-Tok! is available on both the iOS and the Android platform. Wait a minute... How about people in your organisation who are not using smartphones? How about people who are using smartphones but who have not downloaded and registered using the mobile application? Well you can trust we have that covered! With the optional email and SMS integration, Tok-Tok! can help ensure that everybody will receive the message, nobody will get left out.

Everybody can get on the program with Tok-Tok!